Founded in 2013, Arte Academy is a private academy that focuses purely in creative media education for students.Arte Academy was established to nurture and develop the creative talents of young students, with the aim of producing quality work force for the industry. In the past many graduates did not receive the proper training as a lot of syllabus were outdated and the lecturers are out of practice. In Arte Academy we solve that issue by getting industry experts to be part of our academic team, and companies to accredited our student’s work. The result is a new group of young talents with enough skills to contribute back to the creative industry.

Our Mission

Arte Academy is a creative learning institute dedicated in bridging learners of the creative discipline and the creative industry via high quality industry-integrated training and learner-oriented education. We aim to be the top creative school in Malaysia, while maintaining a fun, creative and disciplined environment for learning.

Our Vision

To provide quality training to all our students
To be the number 1 goto place for creative skills training
To provide alternative education to today’s learners
To bridge the gap between the creative industry and education, hence providing learners with industry-oriented training.

Loo Yaw Yee

Managing Director

Sky Ng

Academic Director

Chua Soo Han

Business Director

Yap Li Chen

3D Animation Lecturer

Zephany Kwan

Graphic Design Lecturer

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